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5 Essential SEO tips that guarantee higher ranking


Wondering how to get more SEO traffic? Whether you have gone through several guiding sites or beginning your quest for the trick to get a higher ranking, your search ends here. You are about to go through some crucial SEO tips which ensure high ranking on any search engine.

Tricks and strategies for Search Engine Optimization keep on changing with the rapidly evolving search engine algorithm. One needs to improvise with the evolving digital world to keep up the ranking in the SERP. But, now that you are here, you can not only get a higher ranking but also hold your position permanently.

Here are some efficient SEO techniques which will make your site get a higher ranking amidst heavy digital market competition.

  • Use branded keywords in the right spot

Keywords serve as the effective medium for the search engine to rank your pages in the results. But, the number of keywords on a page is more important than where you use them.

For an instance, your keywords must appear on the title tag of your page. Similarly, the chosen keyword should appear on the first 100 words and the webpage URL. This simplifies the ranking process for search engines. You can take the help of several sites to get the top keywords for your page.

You must be familiar with the fact that Google prefers an engaging page over a standard page. But, do you know how to keep the visitors engaged every time they visit your page?

Well, the simple solution is compellingly delivering clear-cut information. Using a lot of bullets can help you simplify the information and maintain the flow of content throughout the page. With this, the visitor will keep on reading the entire page in a single flow.

The use of subheadings is also the best way to simplify the efforts of the visitor to go through specific information. With this technique, you can keep the visitor on your page without pressing the back button.

  • Link to the best websites with relevant information

You may think linking to an authoritative content page takes the traffic off your page. But, you should know the fact that link building is a basic part of SEO strategy to please the search engine.

Search Engines don’t know about what you are conveying through your page. It only senses whether the people like your topic. As linking to authoritative sites helps the reader with deeper information, the search engine will be on your side.

  • Fix the broken links as soon as possible

Now that you are familiar with the significance of link building to help the visitor, you should maintain it. When people come across broken links that point to essential information, they lose interest in your page. So, you should fix the broken links as soon as you are aware of them.

The best way to check the broken links on your site is to use renowned websites like Dr. Link Check. All you have to do is enter your website URL in this website and click on “Start Check”, that’s it. You will get your website checked instantly.

Eliminate anything that slows down your page, may it be info graphics or links. As per the recent survey, 85% of internet users won’t wait along the processing time of a website. Thus, you have to serve them with the best content without any delay.

You may find many other techniques that can make your page leading the SERP. But these are the crucial techniques to get to the top position.


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