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G7 Nations Raise Concerns Over Rising Crypto Adoption

advertisement The financial heads of G7 countries met on Monday during the 12th meeting of the G7 finance officials hosted by U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven...

Bittrex Global To Allow Users Purchase Stocks With Bitcoin [BTC]

advertisement America’s leading cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex Global has just announced the launch of tokenized stock trading on its crypto trading platform in partnership with DigitalAssets.AG....

Is “Digital Yuan” China’s Weapon to Rule Global Markets?

advertisement The advent of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as a mainstream investment market and a reliable payment gateway has forced governments around the globe to take...

Michael Saylor Slays Peter Schiff By Buying An Additional 2,574 Bitcoins (BTC)

advertisement Just at the time when Peter Schiff’s anti-Bitcoin rant continues, financial institutions and investors continue to double down their bets on BTC. Advertisement Later on...

Meet The Family Who Bet Their Fortune On Bitcoin And Where Are They Now

While there have been some crazy supporters of Bitcoin (BTC) over the last few years, seldom anyone might have thought of betting their life...

Brexit Party Leader Calls Bitcoin “Ultimate Anti-Lockdown Investment”

advertisement Nigel Farage, the leader of the Brexit Party who has been in the news for protesting government lockdowns in the UK is the latest...

Visa Partners With Ethereum Based U.S. Dollar Coin [USDC]

advertisement Visa known for its credit cards today announced a partnership with U.S. Dollar Coin built on ethereum blockchain. This announcement comes just...

Bitcoin (BTC) Turning Out A Hedge Against Gold As Its Decouples From the Yellow Metal

advertisement Bitcoin (BTC) continues to build strong momentum as a potential inflation-hedge and store of value as it gains an edge over Gold. With the...

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