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Lessons From AWS Part I: The Crush of the Boa Constrictor

The cloud industry is often portrayed as a race between Amazon's AWS, Google's Compute Engine and Microsoft's Windows Azure. The reality however, at least...

Chrome Error – How Do I Fix Google Chrome Error?

Has there been a kind of Chrome error in your Google Chrome web browser? That is not something unique happened to you. Over the...

Moodle Up A Campus – Transform Education With Your Own Virtual Classroom For 21st Century Learning

Now hang onto your seats for a truly fascinating journey into the workings of moodle!These last 10 months I launched into an...

Technology in the Classroom – Ways to Integrate Educational Technology Into Your Teaching Practice

Here are some technology things that you could do with your students. Not everything may be feasible (i.e. cost factors) or appropriate (i.e. security...

YouTube and the Classroom

Peter Drucker, author of Managing the Future observed: "We live in a very turbulent time, not because there is so much change, but because...

Homeschooling Tips For Successful Future

You are not alone. A great deal of parents make the choice that public school isn't doing their kids any favors. This guide might...

Digital Revolution in Teaching

Written by Manvi jain In the current scenario the whole world is transforming towards the digital revolution at unprecedented rate. A question is raised in...

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