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Ripple vs SEC Update; Ripple files plea for dismissal of the Ripple lawsuit

A recent development in the SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit has seen the submission of a plea from Ripple lawyers representing individual defendants, requesting dismissal of the ongoing lawsuit. Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse and co-founder Chris Larsenโ€™s lawyers had submitted a letter on Monday, backing their plea for dismissal of the ongoing Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) case against them.

Defendantโ€™s plea for dismissal

The letter has attached statements by SEC commissioners Hester Peirce and Elad Roisman on 14th July. The statement highlights Pierce and Roismanโ€™s criticism of regulatory actions against Blotics, the parent company of Coinschedule. The defense lawyers have pointed out that these comments are ground for proving regulatory uncertainty on SECโ€™s part and are evidence to base their โ€˜motion to dismissโ€™ on.


The Plea stated, โ€œthe (โ€œPublic Statementโ€) in connection with the SECโ€™s settled action with Blotics, Ltd., formerly known as Coinschedule Ltd. (โ€œCoinscheduleโ€), for violating Section 17(b) of the Securities Act. 1 The Public Statement further supports the Individual Defendantsโ€™ motion to dismiss for failure to adequately plead that they allegedly aided and abetted Rippleโ€™s offers or sales of unregistered securities.โ€ They added, โ€œThe SECโ€™s aiding and abetting claim requires that โ€˜it show that the Individual Defendants knew or recklessly disregarded that Rippleโ€™s offerings and sales of XRP required registration as securities and that those transactions were improper.โ€™โ€

SECโ€™s uncertainty on securities regulations

Recently, SEC filed Blotics and Coinschedule with $200,000, and the commissioners commented caught the eye of Ripple Lawyers. Pierce and Roisman had made statements against the uncertainty of securities regulations.

โ€œThe only certainty we see is that people have questions about how to comply with the applicable laws and regulations.โ€, according to the commissioners.

They agreed that there lies a lack of clarity around implementing securities laws and said that there are no definite criteria to determine if an asset is a security or not. Along with agreeing to uncertainty around regulatory laws, the commissioners also stated that even if the staff is given guidance on handling regulatory proceedings, there is a lack of clarity around the guidance that is required.

โ€œAlthough the Commission staff has provided some guidance,[1] the large number of factors and absence of weighting cut against the clarity the guidance was intended to offer.ย  Market participants have difficulty getting a lawyer to sign off that something is not a securities offering or does not implicate the securities laws; they also cannot get a clear answer, backed by a clear Commission-level statement, that something is a securities offering.โ€, the commissioner added.


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